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          Test Services

          Semiconductor chips are rapidly increasing in complexity, requiring more advanced test systems and capabilities. JCET provides customers with a full suite of test platforms and engineering services to support a broad range of mixed signal, Radio Frequency (RF), analog and high-performance digital semiconductor devices. Our full turnkey test services, which include wafer bump, probe, final test, post-test and system level test, deliver the lowest cost of test for our customers with the highest possible throughput and faster time-to-market.

          From our worldwide factories, JCET provides fully integrated test services and capabilities including:

          ? Front-end test development services and test consultation services 

          ? Wafer test, including testing of bumped wafers and known good die (KGD) solutions for assembly of stacked die into a single package

          ? Final test of simple and advanced packages using advanced test technology and automatic control of the test process that restricts yield  losses to hard failures in the silicon itself

          ? A full suite of optimized post-test services for rapid delivery of the final products to the end customer

          ? Comprehensive system level test with the highest possible throughput and lowest cost of test 

          JCET combines operational efficiencies with its proven capabilities and competency to achieve the lowest cost of test (COT) with the highest possible throughput. By engaging JCET early in the product development process, customers benefit from JCET’s experience and guidance for a rapid, predictable and problem-free production ramp.  

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