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          Turnkey Services Overview

          JCET delivers world-class services to its customers. The greatest value from doing business with JCET is realized when engaging JCET as a full turnkey solutions provider–from IC design through test program development, wafer bump, wafer probe, multi-die stacked assembly, final test, packaging and shipment to end customers.

          Benefits of Full Turnkey Solutions

          ? Shorter time to market
          ? Greater overall process efficiency
          ? Improved quality
          ? Reduced costs
          ? Simplification of product management

          Broad Portfolio of Assembly and Test Services

          JCET offers the broadest portfolios of comprehensive packaging and test services in the semiconductor industry, and can leverage its strong packaging and test capabilities to provide a full turnkey solution of integrated packaging, testing and direct shipment to end customers.

          Benefits of Early Engagement

          Leveraging synergies in assembly and test, offers integrated turnkey solutions that span the product-manufacturing node–from product design through delivery. JCET can manage the supply chain, up to the delivery of products to system manufacturers, thus allowing semiconductor companies to focus on their core competencies.

          Working with a partner who can deliver semiconductor solutions that satisfy market demand is a critical success factor. Engaging earlier in the process with a full turnkey solutions provider like JCET can help you achieve:

          ? Faster time to market
          ? Higher reliability and yield
          ? Lower cost

          Global Presence

          The scale and scope of JCET’s technical capabilities and global reach enables it to provide customers with seamless cost-effective solutions that will simplify their supply chain management. With strategic manufacturing presence in China, Korea, Singapore and customer support offices throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, JCET can provide total turnkey solutions tailored to your needs.

          Supply Chain Management

          JCET delivers value across its customers’ supply chain by enabling efficient information exchange, inventory visibility and transactions through its e-business solutions. This allows customers to make better decisions faster, increase productivity and reduce wasted resources that impact their bottom line.

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